The transition between the potty or toilet trainer and the normal toilet is often a challenge for children.

Because of its relative size alone, children are often scared of the normal adult toilet. Last but not least, it is the toilet seats that do the least justice to childish proportions. There is also an increased risk of injury to the child from slipping. That is why many parents today use special toilet seats for children. What exactly this is and what needs to be considered when buying, we have put together here:

From the potty to the toilet trainer to the children's toilet seat: what are the differences?

Because of their height, toddlers cannot use a normal toilet at first. Toilets tailored for adults are too high for this and the glasses are cut too wide for children to use on their own. That is why there are special solutions for children of different ages that can either be used separately or integrated into normal toilet seats.

  • Children's potty: Child-friendly plastic toilets without flushing, which have to be emptied and cleaned by hand. 
  • Toilet seats for children: A multifunctional toilet seat that integrates an additional seat especially for children. 
  • Toilet trainer: This is a toilet seat assembly for children with a separate staircase that leads up to the toilet seat.

Luvett Toilet seat for children

What Are the Benefits of a Child Toilet Seat?

A toilet seat for children is a smaller toilet seat with a smaller diameter. The toilet seat for children therefore reduces the toilet opening to a size between 15-16 cm adapted for children.

The biggest advantage of toilet seats for children is that there is no need to clean the potty. The child can go to the toilet and flush as normal. With the special glasses, children can go to the toilet on their own earlier, as there is no risk of slipping due to the perfectly fitting seat.

Another advantage is that the child does not have to relearn between the potty and the toilet, but can get used to the ceramics, i.e. the normal toilet, directly. This is especially helpful if you are out and about with your child when you go to the toilet later. Since the normal toilet is the familiar environment for your child, a potty does not have to be carried along if the child needs to go to the toilet.

What variants are there?

There are both toilet seats that are only suitable for children and those that can be used by the whole family.

As a rule, bathrooms and toilets are also used by adults, which is why all-in-one solutions, i.e. toilet seats with inserts for children, are the most common. LUVETT Family toilet seats have a special child seat insert that is easily and securely attached to the normal toilet seat with a practical magnetic attachment.

The toilet seat can be used by the whole family and only be brought to a child-friendly size when needed. The mechanism is so easy and safe to use that children can use it independently from a very early age.

Such multifunctional toilet seats can be used by both adults and children. The child seat used by LUVETT is patented and can be ideally combined with other practical LUVETT solutions such as the LUVETT TakeOff® EasyClean removal function or the LUVETT SoftClose® automatic lowering of the toilet seat.

Information: The smaller toilet seat ring for the child does not have its own lowering function, but only when it is folded up and clipped onto the main seat ring using a magnet.

Further functions of the LUVETT Family toilet seats

Thanks to the TakeOff® EasyClean removal function, you can remove the entire toilet seat with just one hand movement, which enables the toilet seat and ceramics to be cleaned separately. In this way, typical dirt traps can also be cleaned effectively.

The SoftClose® automatic lowering system, in turn, prevents the toilet lid and glasses from falling. This not only prevents annoying bangs if the toilet seat accidentally slips when closing, but also reduces the risk of injury, especially when used by children. Thanks to the slow, automatic closing of the seat, there is no longer any painful pinching of fingers if the toilet lid should collapse or accidentally.

Last but not least

Of course, the child seat can also be completely removed from LUVETT Family products. If the insert is no longer needed, you are not forced to purchase a new toilet seat, but can continue to use the toilet seat without any problems.