A large number of different attachments are offered on the market for toilet seats.

Ceramics closed on the side require special fastenings from above, other ceramics require special dowels, while others only fit fastenings from below. The complexity might put you off, but the LUVETT team makes it as easy and user-friendly as possible for you.

All components for fastening are included with the toilet lid. Now you can mount your new toilet seat quickly and easily on almost any ceramic.


The LUVETT WC installation set OneforAll:

You will receive every LUVETT Premium toilet seat with SoftClose® & TakeOff® (lowering system & acceptance) with our OneforAll - 3in1 assembly set stainless steel universal:

A. WC seat assembly from above with hinged dowel
B. WC seat assembly from below with screw fastening
C. WC seat assembly from above with expansion dowel

LUVETT assembly set for toilet seats

LUVETT toilet seat assembly - short instruction videos (in German)

LUVETT toilet seat assembly and disassembly: 


Assembly preparation for a new LUVETT toilet seat:


A. Installation from above with hinged dowels - toilet seat:


B. Mounting from below with screw fastening - toilet seat:


C. Installation from above with expansion dowel - toilet seat:

Other frequently asked questions about toilet seat assembly:

1. How do I attach a toilet seat correctly?

The toilet seat is attached depending on the type of hinge selected. There are the following types: TopFix®, EasyFix®, FastFix® and SolidFix®. All fastenings can be installed quickly and easily. They firmly connect the toilet lid to the ceramic and prevent wobbling and slipping. TopFix® and EasyFix® are installed from above using a Phillips screwdriver. You mount SolidFix® from below. Follow the toilet seat assembly instructions that are included with the delivery of all fixings. 

2. Which tools do I need to assemble a toilet seat?

For systems from LUVETT for fastening from below, the tools required for assembly are included in the delivery. For systems for mounting from above, you need your own Phillips screwdriver. Helpful utensils for installing the toilet lid are rubber gloves, cleaning products for cleaning the ceramics and penetrating oil.

3. In the case of toilet lids, what is the difference between assembly from below and assembly from above?

  • TopFix® and EasyFix® are systems that you assemble from above. When installing the toilet lid from above, the thread is screwed onto the ceramic from the top. This allows you to attach the toilet seat particularly comfortably and you don't have to kneel on the cold and hard bathroom floor. To assemble the toilet lid, you need a Phillips screwdriver. You have access to the mounting holes from above.
  • FastFix® and SolidFix® are mounted from below. The toilet seat is installed from below by inserting the screw through the mounting hole from the bottom. The correct method of fastening can also be found in the supplied toilet seat assembly instructions.

4. What mounting systems are there for toilet lids?

There are the Topfix®, EasyFix®, FastFix® and SolidFix® systems for installing toilet lids. EasyFix® and TopFix® must be attached from above, while SolidFix® and FastFix® require installation from below. The TopFix® system is made of stainless steel and is well suited for ceramics that are open or closed on the sides and are up to 15mm thick.

EasyFix® is made of stainless steel and glass fiber reinforced plastic and is installed using expansion dowels. FastFix® is made of stainless steel and plastic and is mounted from below. SolidFix® is made of stainless steel and is particularly stable. This system is suitable, for example, for public toilet facilities.

5. What do I do if the toilet seat wobbles/ slips?

If your toilet seat wobbles or slips, first check the nuts and tighten them. Worn rubber buffers can also cause the toilet seat to wobble. Replace them if you find any damage. Loose screws on the bracket can also be responsible for the toilet seat slipping. Check the seat of the screws and retighten them. Even if the hinges are firmly and correctly fixed, it is possible that the toilet seat wobbles a little. If this bothers you, please contact the responsible customer support.

6. Are there toilet lids with adjustable hinges?

Yes, all LUVETT toilet seats with our OneForAll assembly set contain adjustable hinges (= with soft close and TakeOff function). It can therefore be installed on almost all types of ceramics. Such hinges allow attachment to the majority of common toilet sizes.

7. Where can I find a replacement for a defective toilet seat attachment?

You can find a replacement for your defective toilet seat attachment from us or the manufacturer. We offer replacement hinge sets for our most popular toilet seats. The LUVETT OneforAll - 3in1 mounting set stainless steel universal is particularly suitable for replacing defective fastenings. This set contains the three fastening variants EasyFix®, TopFix® and SolidFix®. Replacement is necessary, for example, if the hinges have rusted on. This can also occur in high-quality systems made of stainless steel due to aggressive cleaning agents.

8. The toilet seat is not resting on the rubber buffers - is that normal?

Yes, the toilet seat does not necessarily rest on the rubber buffers. Your toilet seat is within the tolerance values ​​up to a distance of 8mm between the ceramic and the toilet seat.

9. How tight should the fastening screws on the toilet lid be tightened?

The screws should be tight, but not over tightened. If the fastening screws are tightened too tightly, there is a risk of damaging the ceramic or the screws. When attaching the toilet seat, check the alignment. If the toilet seat is in the middle, you can tighten the screws.

10. My current toilet seat is mounted from below, can I still attach a new toilet seat from above?

That depends on whether the ceramics in principle enable both mounting from below and from above. If this is the case, you can also mount the new toilet seat from above. The EasyFix® system, which you attach to your ceramic from above, is suitable for this.

11. I want a removable toilet seat for easy cleaning - but does it hold up well?

Yes, removable seats are also characterized by good support and stability. Before cleaning, simply remove the seat from the connector by lifting it up. After cleaning, reinsert the toilet seat in the same way as you removed it from the connector. You can also find information on this in the toilet seat assembly instructions.

12. Is there any fastening material with the toilet seat?

The delivery of our toilet seats already contain the fastening material. We also supply systems that can be fastened from below with all the tools required to assemble the toilet lid. We deliver all LUVETT Premium toilet seats with SoftClose® & TakeOff® with the OneforAll - 3in1 mounting set stainless steel universal. Systems to be mounted from above require a Phillips screwdriver for fastening, which we do not supply.