The most common sanitary color on the market for toilet seats and bathrooms is "sanitary white".

In addition, from elegant black to trendy red to playful decorative prints, there is certainly the right color or "eye catcher" for everyone. In addition, LUVETT is one of the few still offering classic sanitary colors, which are more common, especially in older bathrooms, or which give your retro and vintage bathroom a special shine. These include, in particular, Pergamon, Manhattan gray, Bahama beige or curry yellow. Here you will find our selection of different colored LUVETT toilet seats. 

CMYK explanation

Sanitary colors are those color versions in which bathroom furniture and sanitary ceramics are delivered. However, these colors are not uniformly defined, i.e. not standardized under RAL. The manufacturers of sanitary ceramic products coordinate the sanitary paints with each other and like to say that they deliver their products in "all common sanitary paints" - but what is common? The trend colors "Bahama beige" or "moss green" of the 70s are still "popular", but hardly to be found. Color nuances such as "jasmin" and "pergamon" are also difficult to distinguish and even more difficult to find in stores.

Since we know about this problem, we offer you the 17 most common sanitary colors in our range and would like to give you an overview with the color values ​​below or at least provide an orientation aid so that you can better assess on site which sanitary color you are using Need your toilet seat. CMYK definitions The color values ​​are specified according to the 4 color value system CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, blacK) so that you can compare them even in the event of deviations that may be caused by the color settings of your monitor, e.g. by using a color fan or similar.


Color Sanitary White, CMYK 0-0-1-4

White LUVETT toilet seats are made from a pressed material that is colored throughout in standard sanitary white - gloss level "silk matt". Suitable for all white standard ceramics - less so with high-gloss white tones such as "Alpine white high gloss" or other more glossy white tones such as "edelweiss". 

Luvett Toilet seat color Sanitary White


Color Pergamon White, CMYK 0-2-7-6

According to tradition, parchment paper was invented in the ancient Greek city of Pergamon. The sanitary color Pergamon White is therefore - like a light parchment paper - a shade of white with a light beige-yellow tinge. The visual comparison with a very thin milk coffee with a lot of milk is also often used here.

Luvett Toilet seat color Pergamon White


Color Jasmine Cream, CMYK 0-3-14-6

The lovely fragrant flower of the white summer jasmine is the namesake for the sanitary color jasmine cream white. Compared to the standard white, the jasmine white contains a slight yellowish-beige color touch and is a shade darker and slightly more earthy in direct comparison to Pergamon.

Luvett Toilet seat color Jasmine Cream


Color Bahama Beige, CMYK 0-11-31-24

The well-known sanitary color Bahama Beige, which is also often reflected in bathroom furniture and tiles from the 70s and 80s, is found in a beige scale with a light beige tone, which is reminiscent of a milk coffee with a lot of milk.

Luvett Toilet seat color Bahama Beige


Color Caramel Brown, CMYK 0-19-37-32

Everyone knows the popular sweet, which is made from heated sugar during caramelization. Based on this brownish-beige color, this shade is a chocolate brown shade - the toilet lid color theme can be so sweet.

Luvett Toilet seat color Caramel Brown


Color Curry Yellow, CMYK 0-27-63-16

The multifaceted aromatic kitchen experience of a yellow curry is also evident in the color scheme - which, thanks to the multitude of warm yellow tones made from turmeric, yellow paprika, mustard and earthy allspice, is the best color in the sanitary color curry yellow warm, strong and earthy yellow can be described.

Luvett Toilet seat color Curry Yellow


Color Magnolia Pink, CMYK 0-17-20-13

The silky warm pink color of the magnolia blossom is the inspiration for the "Magnolia" sanitary color. In direct comparison to the color dusty pink, Magnolia is a shade lighter and dusty pink is even slightly more earthy - however, both colors harmonize very well with each other and can definitely be combined.

Luvett Toilet seat color Magnolia Pink


Color Crocus Blu, CMYK 12-16-0-12

The earthy, silky-matt color of Crocus is based on the flower color of a very light crocus that almost tends to a light lilac. In direct comparison to the color purple, crocus is much lighter - so it ranks in the color spectrum from pale blue and also in a minimally grayish direction.

Luvett Toilet seat color Crocus Lilac


Color Bermuda Blue, CMYK 31-18-0-22

Just like the Bermuda shorts got their name from the Bermuda archipelago, the sanitary color Bermuda blue also got its name from the coral archipelago in the Sargasso Sea - or rather from the Bermuda blue sea. This has a medium-light blue tone - not to be confused with typical turquoise-blue sea bays - which rather indicate the color calypso - because the green tint is not given with bermuda blue. In the case of bermuda blue, the visual comparison with a light sky blue is also used.

Luvett Toilet seat color Bermuda Blue


Color Pop Blue, CMYK 100-92-08-38

How to bring color to your bathroom and guest toilet! This beautiful, strong shade of blue is comparable to that of a pure lapis lazuli gemstone. 

Luvett Toilet seat color Pop Blue


Color Calypso Turquoise, CMYK 45-0-0-45

Who doesn't dream of a vacation on the white beaches and the turquoise blue sea of ​​Trinidad Tobago? The world-famous calypso dance rhythm, which is often accompanied by the typical steel drums, also originated here. The sanitary color Calypso is based on the turquoise blue sea of ​​Trinidad and, as a color definition, can best be compared with a turquoise gemstone or a mint green.

Luvett Toilet seat color Calypso Turquoise


Color Aegean Green, CMYK 10-0-8-0

This pastel light green harmonizes particularly well with earthy brown tones, these can create a warm environment that makes the delicate blue-green of the Aegean Sea shine even more. Or you can combine the Aegean with shades of gray to achieve a slightly cooler, trendy effect. The color assignment works best if you compare the Aegean with a light pastel green.

Luvett Toilet seat color Aegean Green


Color Moss Green, CMYK 0-6-86-40

The silk-matt shade of moss green is based on earthy green tones that can also be found in mosses. In order to get an idea of ​​the color, the comparison with a green olive paste can be used. The color thus ranks in the color spectrum from a matt olive green with slight tendencies to a yellowish-brown color spectrum.

Luvett Toilet seat color Moos Grren


Color Pop Red, CMYK 0-84-78-44

The eye-catcher for the bathroom and toilet! This beautiful, strong red tone is comparable to that of a strawberry red. If your monitor gives the impression that the red tends to be dark red or bordeaux red, this is perceived because of the color settings of the monitor and does not correspond to the real color scheme.

Luvett Toilet seat color Pop Red


Color Manhattan Gray, CMYK 0-0-0-27

The color Manhattan gray, known in the world of sanitary and building materials, appears as a semi-gloss medium to light gray. When assigning it, it can be compared with a warm platinum gray or a light stone gray.

Luvett Toilet seat color Manhattan Gray


Color Black, CMYK 31-6-0-94

This strong black tone is comparable to that of a silk gloss black. The standard black sets intentional accents or harmonizes with appropriately colored bathroom furnishings.

Luvett Toilet seat color Black


Color Black Matt, CMYK 73-69-62-73

Black matt brings a noble touch to your bathroom. The matt tone goes wonderfully with high-quality modern bathroom furniture or with contrasting colors such as gold, pastel colors and stainless steel (brushed) - but also with wooden elements, but also sets design accents in an otherwise rather simple environment.

Luvett Toilet seat color Black Matt