Most popular D shape

Most popular D shape

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Clear lines for a modern bathroom: the D-shape is becoming increasingly popular as a toilet seat variant. On you will find a large number of quality toilet seats in D-shape at a reasonable but still affordable price.

If you are toying with the purchase of such a modern toilet seat, we offer you some interesting facts about the popular toilet seat.

D-shaped toilet seat - what distinguishes it?

As the name suggests, the D in D-shape denotes the shape of the toilet seat and the lid. Similar to a slightly wider D, D-shaped toilet lids have an elongated shape with a rounded and a straight side. Compared to the oval O-shape (oval toilet lid), this design line looks a bit more modern - and refreshes many bathrooms visually. At the same time, it is not a purely abstract modern shape, but just a modernization of the classic oval shape with clear lines.

Which toilets does a D-shaped toilet lid fit?

The main design criterion for choosing a D-shaped toilet seat is above all the shape of the ceramic - i.e. the toilet base on which the toilet seat is mounted. So which toilet does a D-shaped toilet lid fit best? The answer is relatively easy: to a D-shaped ceramic. This harmonious combination gives your bathroom a uniform look. It doesn't really matter whether it is a floor-standing toilet or a wall-hung toilet.

Of course, you can also set optical accents in the bathroom by breaking the style - as too great discrepancies in the dimensions can lead to instabilities, we advise caution here.

D-shaped toilet seat suitable for:

  • Duravit
  • Keramag/ Geberit
  • Villeroy & Boch
  • Laufen
  • Ideal Standard

LUVETT toilet seats made of both materials "Duroplast" and "Thermoplast" not only meet the DIN requirements (cover 175kg / seat ring 150kg load capacity), but also exceed them with the manufacturer's own internal standard. Of course, this also applies to all toilet lids that we offer in D-shape.

D-shaped toilet seat black, gray, colored - you decide!

In addition to the classic "white toilet", you can find toilet lids in many different shapes and colors. Our range offers you many options for adding color accents in the bathroom or creating your own personal feel-good space with atmospheric motifs. Just take a look at the variety of our offer!