Most popular shape oval

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Timelessly chic and elegant: the oval shape is still very popular as a toilet seat variant. At Luvett we offer you a large number of quality oval toilet seats at a reasonable, but still affordable, price.

If you are toying with the purchase of such a timeless toilet seat, we offer you some additional facts worth knowing about the popular toilet lid, which should ideally support your selection process. So that in the end, not only a harmonious bathroom is created - but your individual feel-good space.

"Oval shape" toilet seat - what distinguishes it?

As the name suggests, it is an oval-shaped toilet seat. Similar to a slightly elongated O or a 0, the shape oval has an elongated shape with two rounded sides. Compared to the modern D-shape (D-shape seats), this design line looks a bit more classic and thanks to the timeless lines it also fits the majority of the ceramic bowls already installed.