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Why are there so different prices?

When it comes to toilet lids, there are understandable reasons why some toilet seats are cheaper than others. Be it the quality - or the range of functions - which a seat brings, e.g. the SoftClose lowering system or the patented EasyClean TakeOff acceptance function up to the starting material - the manufacturing material used and the associated manufacturing processes of UREA Duroplast or thermoplastic.

Every toilet seat is calculated according to the factors mentioned and calculated as close to the customer as possible in order to sell a high-quality product at a fair price. 

SALE item from LUVETT

SALE item from LUVETT

If stocks are high or on certain days of promotion, certain items may be offered cheaper than the regular ones. But even articles that are firmly integrated in the range and even TOPSELLERS can become more interesting for some buyers through temporary reductions.

Each retailer has its own pricing policy based on many individual factors. The best known are the factors purchase price, demand and (limited) supply, which have a direct influence on the respective sales price.


Offers due to a change in product range

Offers due to a change in product range

In the case of product range changes or design revisions, it can happen that some toilet lids are even reduced above average.

These price mechanisms give retailers a nice playground from which customers and potential buyers can benefit through direct and indirect discount campaigns and price reductions.

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