Toilet seats with soft close are becoming more and more popular.

Modern sanitary technology turns the functional bathroom into a comfort zone and oasis of wellbeing. In addition to tasteful design, it is often the small innovations in sanitary technology that make the difference and the former washroom to the modern bathroom.

What does an automatic soft close do?

An automatic lowering mechanism ensures that the toilet lid closes silently. All you need to do is nudge the toilet lid slightly to close it. With the so-called softclose or soft-closing mechanism for toilet seats, the automatic lowering mechanism takes effect immediately and effectively brakes the fall of the lid. As a result, the lid closes slowly and completely silently. A loud bang because the lid might have slipped out of your hand is a thing of the past.

How does an automatic soft close function?

The patented SoftClose® automatic oil pressure of the LUVETT toilet seats have a special rotary damper filled with silicone oil, which creates a constant counterforce when the glasses and the lid are folded down. Finely adjusted and perfectly matched to the weight of the toilet seat, the toilet lid lowers silently and evenly after a light tap until the seat is closed. When unfolding, on the other hand, the resistance does not work and YOU can open the toilet seat smoothly as usual.

Toilet seats with soft closing are more than just a luxury.

Toilet seats with soft closing? Do you really need that? Isn't that superfluous luxury? Often it is the small technical innovations that make a difference in our everyday lives. Which, once you get used to it, you don't want to be without it. And the advantages of toilet seats with the softclose function are obvious.

No more popping toilet lids!

The main argument for SoftClose® toilet seats is definitely the volume. Popping toilet lids are not only known in families with many children, even in shared apartments or hotels, visits to the toilet by roommates or neighbors can be a nuisance if the toilet seat is accidentally released and not properly closed. If this happens frequently, it can even cost us our sleep or at least nerves during the day. And in the worst case, the unintentional fall damages the toilet seat or even the ceramic.

Hardly anyone intentionally slams the toilet lid. This is why it is difficult or impossible to point out to children, partners or roommates to be more careful and more attentive.

SoftClose® toilet seats provide an effective remedy here. Whether negligently or accidentally - with a modern, automated lowering function Softclose, popping toilet lids are a thing of the past. This not only spares the nerves of family members and roommates, but actually also the material.

SoftClose for toilet seats

Soft-closing mechanisms protect the material and guarantee a long service life for the product.

If this occurs frequently, an unchecked slamming of toilet seats can seriously damage the lids and glasses. In addition to the typical unsightly signs of wear and tear on the toilet seat, the attachment points of the toilet seats can also shake loose. These then often have to be locked and fastened again. Particularly violent blows can, depending on the material, even break the glasses or the lid. With a SoftClose® function, you can therefore extend the service life of your toilet seats considerably, as wear and tear is significantly reduced and mechanical defects can be virtually eliminated.

No risk of injury to your children.

Families with small children in particular are advised to purchase toilet seats with a soft close mechanism, as the mechanism significantly reduces the risk of bruises caused by falling toilet seats and lids.

The slow, automatic lowering of the toilet seat prevents children or adolescents from accidentally pinching their fingers - because a toilet seat weighs up to 2.5 kg, depending on the version. SoftClose® toilet seats also contribute to child safety and you, as a parent, have less to worry about when your child uses the toilet independently.

The LUVETT C490 Family is our family model in classic white. The model with child seat insert has a patented integrated child seat attachment which, thanks to a practical magnetic attachment, can be easily folded down on the otherwise normal toilet seat.

Self-closing toilet seats are more hygienic and easier to clean.

Toilet seats with the SoftClose® function close automatically with a light tap. The user is therefore not forced to touch glasses or covers himself. A little nudge is enough and the toilet closes. Of course, this means an advantage in terms of hygiene, especially if many guests are being entertained.

LUVETT Premium SoftClose® toilet seats are also automatically equipped with the LUVETT TakeOff® EasyClean removal function. This not only makes it easier to assemble the toilet seat, it can also be completely removed from the stainless steel retaining pins in a single movement. This means that the ceramic and seat can be cleaned separately without any additional effort. Typical dirt traps, for example at the attachment points, are much easier to reach and easier to clean.

Toilet seats with soft close are worthwhile!

No more popping toilets, the material is significantly spared and the service life of the product is extended. The risk of injury is significantly minimized and hygiene is improved. Often it is the small technical innovations that make a difference in our everyday lives. Try it yourself!