Toilet seat attachment without additional screws

Is it possible to easily and securely attach toilet seats and lavatory seats without additional screws?

When assembling toilet seats, one usually thinks of fiddly screw connections and tools that you might not find in your tool box at home. It is often the case that we shy away from replacing things in our household because we initially assume that we lack the work material or the skills to do so. You don't trust yourself with a lot of tasks, thinks that a specialist should take care of it. Modern sanitary products are often much more customer-friendly than you might think. With LUVETT products in particular, replacing toilet seats with the 3-in-1 fastening set is very easy and can be done without special tools or specialist knowledge.


Replace toilet lid without additional screws

Why complicated when it can be made easy. Toilet seats can be fitted quickly and safely to most ceramics from above using LUVETT's innovative TopFix® and EasyFix® hinge systems. All you need is a standard Phillips screwdriver. You do not need any additional precisely fitting wrenches or other suitable tools for assembly.


Easily attach toilet seats from above

Unlike many older fastening systems, TopFix® and EasyFix® hinge systems can be easily assembled and screwed from above. This allows you to attach the toilet seat particularly comfortably and you do not have to kneel on the cold and hard bathroom floor to access the screw connections on the underside of the toilet. For assembly you only need a Phillips screwdriver with which you can lock the seat through the assembly holes on the top.


Fasten the toilet seat easily with a hinged dowel or an expanding dowel

TopFix® and EasyFix® hinge systems ultimately differ in terms of the dowel technology used.


TopFix® systems are used for ceramics that are open at the side or bottom and for toilet bowls with a cavity under the fastening hole. For assembly, the fastening screws with the toggle or hinged dowel folded up are pushed into the mounting holes from above, as soon as the toggle dowel has enough space, it folds over and the transverse bracket that has now been created can be tightened. You can easily tighten the screw connection from above with a common Phillips screwdriver.

EasyFix® systems, on the other hand, are intended for ceramics that are closed on the side and for toilet bowls whose drill holes represent a continuous channel - i.e. not a cavity. They have special expansion plugs made of plastic, which ensure that the toilet seat is securely held on the ceramic. With the EasyFix® expansion dowels, the dowel with the fastening screw is first inserted into the assembly hole in the ceramic from above - as can be seen in the assembly description. Now you can easily tighten the screws from above with a standard Phillips screwdriver. The dowel is widened by tightening the screw until it expands into the ceramic so that the toilet seat is effectively and securely in place. There is no easier and comfier way.


Changing toilet lids without a specialist

3-in-1 fastening set

With the innovative TopFix® EasyFix® hinge systems from LUVETT, installing a new toilet seat is child's play and can be done without additional tools. With older, open ceramics, you usually use the TopFix® system. With a modern, side or bottom closed ceramic mostly to the EasyFix® hinge system. The only thing you need to mount the toilet securely is a commercially available Phillips screwdriver.

If you are unsure which fastening variant is the right one for your toilet - take a look at our installation videos. There you will then find the right type of fastening for your ceramic type. You are usually on the safe side with the LUVETT WC mounting set OneforAll®. The set contains both LUVETT's own TopFix® and EasyFix® hinge solutions, as well as a conventional screw variant SolidFix® with a lock nut from below, as has been known as the standard for many years.