LUVETT toilet seat configurator

Step 1: Choose the shape

The most common shapes in Germany are oval (O-shape) and D-shape (D-shape) as well as angular (Q-shape) toilet ceramics.

Step 2: Which three dimensions are important?

A) Length: Distance between an imaginary line at the level of the mounting / drill holes to the tip of the toilet ceramic.

B) Width: The maximum width of the entire toilet bowl

C) Hole or drilling spacing: Distance between the two mounting holes on the back of the ceramic (measurement from center hole to center hole).

Step 3: Display suitable toilet seats

Note: Since toilet seats should protrude slightly over the edge of the toilet so that the ceramic is completely covered, approx. 6-8 mm can be added to the width to be entered. Advantage: This also increases the number of results displayed. If you want the overhang to be as small as possible, simply enter a correspondingly lower tolerance value on top, or the measured dimension of the ceramic width without surcharge.

1.Choose shape


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