LUVETT toilet seat guarantee

Warranty Statement:

LUVETT brand products are subject to strict quality controls. If, contrary to expectations, this LUVETT brand product does not work properly, we very much regret it.

Every LUVETT toilet seat has a statutory warranty as well as a dealer guarantee of 2 years from the date of purchase via

Guarantee conditions:

“Consumer” within the meaning of this manufacturer's guarantee is any natural person who is the owner of the LUVETT brand product and has not acquired it in order to sell it on or to install it for third parties as part of their commercial or independent professional activity. The first end consumer is “the consumer who was the first to purchase the product” from Forum Online GmbH as a dealer or another natural or legal person who sells or installs the product of the LUVETT brand as part of their commercial or independent professional activity. This guarantee is valid for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase by the first end user.

Forum Online GmbH guarantees consumers that the LUVETT brand products covered by the guarantee are free from material, manufacturing and construction defects. The state of science and technology at the time of manufacture is decisive here. The LUVETT branded product must already have the defect that caused the damage at this point in time. Claims for compensation for consequential damage or from product liability exist only in accordance with the mandatory statutory provisions.

The guarantee includes, in particular, the proper functionality, freedom from defects in materials and their surfaces, in particular plastics (duroplastic, thermoplastic) and hinge / lowering damper units.

For toilet seats of the LUVETT brand in which the lowering function is part of the toilet seat, the following applies with regard to the guaranteed proper lowering function: According to the current state of science and technology, the damping function becomes weaker over the course of the service life (degradation), but it does not fall suddenly off. Aging is a normal process. This means that the decrease in the damping effect of the soft close (SoftClose®) of the LUVETT brand is not a defect.

The following steps are required to enforce the guarantee:

The consumer can assert his rights from this guarantee directly to the seller Forum Online GmbH by reporting a defect in writing. Prerequisite for this is the immediate notification after becoming aware of the defect within the guarantee period. Furthermore, the submission of the order confirmation for the purchase of the products of the LUVETT brand covered by the guarantee and the submission of the product of the LUVETT brand are required.

Warranty exclusion:

This guarantee commitment is also subject to the condition that - the LUVETT products were used as intended; - no unauthorized additions, conversions or other modifications have been made to the LUVETT products. - the maintenance and care of the LUVETT products have been carried out in accordance with the care instructions / instructions; - The attachment and installation have been carried out in accordance with the installation regulations - There are no chemical or physical effects on the surface of the material on LUVETT products that have arisen from improper use, for example due to damage from incorrect cleaning or cleaning agents or sharp-edged objects. Damage caused by this is not covered by the guarantee (promise); - these LUVETT products were not purchased as a second choice article or sample; - these LUVETT products were not purchased in the factory (proof of receipt).

Guarantee services:

Forum Online GmbH is free to repair the product (or to provide the consumer with replacement material for the consumer to replace defective components), to carry out an exchange or to reimburse the consumer for the purchase price. When exchanging, the old product will be replaced free of charge with a new product of the same type, quality and type. If the affected product is no longer manufactured at the time the error is reported, Forum Online GmbH is entitled to deliver a similar product. Costs, expenses, postage and the like incurred by the guarantee holder will not be reimbursed. Assembly, dismantling and transport costs are also not reimbursed. Business interruption damage, loss of profit and consequential damage based on a defect in the LUVETT product are not covered by the guarantee.

Notes on guarantee commitment, § 477 BGB:

Regardless of the voluntary dealer guarantee and of whether the prescribed guarantee is used in a guarantee case or not, the statutory guarantee rights against the seller exist without restriction. At one's own discretion, in addition to or without asserting the guarantee claims, the legally regulated buyer rights due to defects in the purchased item - in particular subsequent performance, withdrawal, reduction of the purchase price or compensation (see § 437 BGB and the corresponding special statute of limitations in § 438 BGB) - against the Seller asserted. The guarantee applies without prejudice to mandatory statutory liability provisions, such as B. according to the product liability law, in cases of intent and gross negligence, due to injury to life, limb or health by Forum Online GmbH or its vicarious agents.

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