Toilet seat with SoftClose®

Toilet seat with SoftClose®

Roommates going to the toilet at night are one of the most common disorders that can rob you of sleep. Especially slamming toilet seats and lids cause a reduced quality of sleep or even a terrible awakening. Thanks to a LUVETT toilet seat with modern and automatic SoftClose® lowering function, this problem is finally a thing of the past. Whether it's quick closing or accidentally letting go: a well thought-out technology slows down the swing and ensures noiseless and gentle lowering. This not only spares the nerves of the other family members, but also the material. Because the fact is: Unrestrained slamming can damage the lid and glasses considerably.

The possible defects range from visually unsightly signs of wear and tear on the toilet seat to the breakage of a particularly violently slammed lid. The purchase of a toilet lid with SoftClose® function is therefore worthwhile in every respect, as you can count on a significantly longer service life for the product. Households with small children should by no means do without the innovative technology for another reason: The gentle lowering prevents the painful entrapment of the fingers and thus contributes directly to child safety. Of course, adults also benefit from this reduced risk of injury.

How does an automatic soft close function?


LUVETT toilet seats with the patented SoftClose® automatic oil pressure function via a rotary damper filled with silicone oil, so that a constant counterforce is created when the glasses and lid are folded down. This is finely balanced and precisely matched to the weight of the toilet seat so that it lowers softly and evenly after a gentle tap. Unfolding works as usual without any resistance. In addition to the innovative SoftClose® function, the premium toilet seats from LUVETT offer other technical advantages. This includes, for example, the LUVETT TakeOff® EasyClean removal function, with which the seat is not only easier to assemble, but can also be removed again with a single movement. This has the hygienic advantage that the ceramic and seat can be cleaned separately without additional effort and typical dirt traps are easy to reach and clean. The toilet seat is assembled using the LUVETT OneforAll ® 3in1 assembly set made of stainless steel, which, as a system that can be used universally, fits almost any ceramic. LUVETT relieves you of the worry about a suitable attachment as much as possible.

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LUVETT offers a wide range of different models and designs so that the new toilet seat fits perfectly into your bathroom. With the toilet seat finder you will receive suitable suggestions for your ceramics. The practical LUVETT selection tool helps you to find the right version so that you can now find the right toilet seat. And so that no wishes remain unfulfilled visually, there are of course also colored toilet seats and designs with attractive decors in the range. Whatever suits your needs perfectly: At LUVETT you are sure to find what you are looking for! Browse through our entire range to discover all LUVETT toilet seats. In addition, you can now find particularly favorable offers in our SALE category.