LUVETT® WC seat C601 Care, oval, 5cm raised seat, angled bumper, extra stable hinge, SoftClose® soft closing mechanism, duroplastic, white

LUVETT® WC seat C601 Care, oval, 5cm raised seat, angled bumper, extra stable hinge, SoftClose® soft closing mechanism, duroplastic, white

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Item Description
Technical features

Mobility and independence in your own bathroom and toilet mean a piece of quality of life. Therefore, this toilet seat is particularly suitable for senior households.

The following points distinguish the C601 Care:

  • Sitting position more than 5 cm higher (raised toilet seat): for guaranteed more comfortable sitting down and standing up.
  • Antibacterial effect: ACTIVE SHIELD prevents the formation of germs and bacteria (certified according to JIS Z 2801 Test for Antimicrobial).
  • Particularly suitable for senior households.
  • Loadable up to 250 kg, solid fastening from below.
  • SoftClose® - the original for years of pleasure and functionality with patented automatic oil pressure lowering for gentle and noiseless closing.
  • Rear handle for transferring wheelchair users.
  • Angle buffers that prevent the cover from slipping.
  • Practical grip tab (available in white or gray): for easy opening.
  • The SolidFix® mounting hinge consists of threaded screws, stainless steel nuts as well as locking plates and rubber protectors for the ceramic.
  • UREA Duroplast - the plastic material for the highest quality demands with a ceramic-like surface: resistant, scratch-resistant, non-porous, hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Material: Urea 131.5 Duroplast Weight in kg: 2.8

The LUVETT toilet seat C601 Care fits the following ceramics:

  • Fits ceramics with an oval basic shape and a length of 441-479 mm
  • For reasons of stability, can only be mounted on ceramics that allow attachment from below
  • The toilet seat is 460 mm long and 377 mm wide
  • The ceramic should not be wider than 377 mm
  • The drilling distance of the ceramic should be between 130-180 mm

How to measure correctly:

  • Determine the shape of the toilet ceramic (oval, D-shape, square or pointed)
  • Measure toilet correctly (determine length & width in mm)
  • Measure the distance between the holes in the ceramic (in mm, center hole <-> center hole)

The "Care Series" means accessibility deluxe in the bathroom and toilet:

With the LUVETT C601 Care seat you get a new solution with sophisticated technical details for the best seating comfort, freedom of movement and safety. Best quality - hygienic & durable, extra stable hinge and solid attachment.

Easier opening thanks to the practical grip tab, a 5 cm higher sitting position for easier sitting down and standing up, particularly stable attachment thanks to the specially developed bar hinge with automatic lowering, angle buffers also secure the toilet seat in the toilet ceramics against slipping and thanks to the stable handle on the back, there is even a Moving wheelchair users and people with disabilities is much easier.

The robust duroplastic urea with a scratch-resistant ceramic look ensures radiance just like on the first day and the ACTIVE SHIELD technology protects against germs and bacteria. Your new toilet seat C601 Care is a top hygienic quality product with perfect workmanship - and comfortable ergonomics.

Particularly stable stainless steel fastenings and the above-mentioned angle buffers ensure your secure fit with extra stability and 100% lateral support.

A protective shield that reliably prevents the formation and spread of germs and bacteria through antibodies assimilated in the plastic. ACTIVE SHIELD is skin-friendly, absolutely odorless and does not affect stability, surface hardness or color. Equipped with this, CareLine seats in public and social institutions offer the security of meeting above-average standards without any problems. This opens up the possibility for planners, architects and buyers to prevent hygiene risks.

Delivery time
2-5 Working days
Automatic lowering
from below
patented SoftClose® soft-close mechanism
377 mm
441-479 mm
Hole spacing
130-180 mm
Inside dimensions
283x220 mm