LUVETT® WC seat C770, oval, TakeOff EasyClean® (removable), SoftClose® soft close, duroplast

LUVETT® WC seat C770, oval, TakeOff EasyClean® (removable), SoftClose® soft close, duroplast

Sanitary White
Pergamon White
Manhattan Gray
Bahama Beige

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Item Description
Technical features

Only at LUVETT you will find the classic sanitary colors such as Pergamon, Manhattan Gray and Bahama Beige.

The LUVETT toilet seat C770 is characterized by the following properties:

  • PREMIUM toilet seats Designed in DE - Made in EU, tested in a German laboratory up to 175kg.
  • 3 mounting solutions (OneforAll® - 3in1 fastening): expansion dowel (from above), hinged dowel (from above) and socket nut (from below) - everything included in the delivery, no more wobbling or slipping.
  • SoftClose®: Double automatic oil pressure lowering system (cover and seat ring) from LUVETT: Soft and noiseless closing in proven specialist retail quality.
  • TakeOff® - original with EasyClean® function: Effortless cleaning in all corners thanks to easy removal with just one movement.
  • Urea Duroplast - the premium material with a ceramic-like surface for the highest quality requirements: robust, scratch-resistant, antibacterial hygienic (99.9%) and easy to clean.

The LUVETT toilet seat C770 fits the following ceramics:

  • Fits ceramics with a length of 422-460 mm
  • The toilet seat is 441 mm long and 370 mm wide
  • Fits ceramics with an oval basic shape
  • The ceramic should not be wider than 370 mm
  • The drilling distance of the ceramic should be between 130-180 mm

Using the stainless steel hinge, which can be adjusted in all directions, the toilet seat can be attached to toilet ceramics with a length of 422-460 mm (measured from the mounting hole to the tip), as the LUVETT mounting hinges (3-in-1 mounting set) provided provide leeway.

Thanks to the OneforAll® (3in1) attachment, the C770 toilet seat can be attached to all ceramics from above as well as from below. All components are already included.

The Luvett C770 is supplied with the premium SoftClose® Classic lowering system. That means no more rattling and no more trapped fingers of children. A gentle tap is enough and the toilet lid and glasses close gently and quietly.

Thanks to the patented TakeOff system, you can simply pull the seat upwards at any time and clean it easily. There are no more inaccessible places left where dirt can accumulate.

The C770 toilet seat is available in different LUVETT colors. The display of colors may differ on different monitors. For technical reasons, the color output on your monitor cannot be represented in a binding manner. If you have any questions or are unclear about the color / shade, please contact the LUVETT service team. If you would like some guidance on the exact color definitions, you can find it on our color page.

  • Sanitary white: White LUVETT toilet seats are made from a molded mass that is colored throughout in standard sanitary white - gloss level "silk matt". Suitable for all white standard ceramics - less for high-gloss white tones such as "Alpine white high gloss" or other more glossy white tones such as "Edelweiss".
  • Pergamon White: According to tradition, parchment paper was invented in the ancient Greek city of Pergamon. The sanitary color Pergamon White is therefore - like a light parchment paper - a shade of white with a light beige-yellow tinge. The visual comparison with a very thin milk coffee with a lot of milk is also often used here.
  • Bahama Beige: The well-known sanitary color Bahama Beige, which is also often reflected in bathroom furniture and tiles from the 70s and 80s - can be found in a beige scale with a light beige tone, which is reminiscent of a milk coffee with a lot of milk.
  • Pop blue: add color to your bathroom and guest toilet! This beautiful, strong shade of blue is comparable to that of a pure lapis lazuli gemstone.
  • Pop red: the eye-catcher for the bathroom and toilet! This beautiful, strong red tone is comparable to that of a strawberry red. If your monitor gives the impression that the red tends to be dark red or bordeaux red, this is perceived as being due to the color settings of the monitor and does not correspond to the real color scheme.
  • Manhattan gray: The color shade Manhattan gray, known in the world of sanitary and building materials, is a semi-gloss medium to light gray shade. When assigning it, it can be compared with a warm platinum gray or a light stone gray.
  • Black Standard: This strong black tone is comparable to that of a silk gloss black. The standard black sets intentional accents or harmonizes with appropriately colored bathroom furnishings.
Delivery time
2-5 Working Days
Automatic lowering
Pergamon White, Black, Bermuda Blue, Manhattan Gray, Matt Black, Bahama Beige, Sanitary White, Pop Red, Pop Blue
Assembly from above and below
TakeOff® - Stainless steel Universal
355-370 mm
422-460 mm
Hole spacing
130-180 mm
Inside dimensions
220-280 mm